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Today we consider one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges IDEX. It should be immediately noted that the IDEX exchange, due to a number of its technical features, may seem to users to be somewhat more difficult to master than other popular resources. That is why in our review we will try to highlight all the subtleties of work that you need to know before proceeding directly to trading.

Today, we can consider IDEX as one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange. The IDEX exchange may seem to be somewhat difficult to master than other popular resources due to its technical features. That is why we are here to highlight subtleties of work that you need to know before proceeding to trade.

When working with the exchange, slow loading of data from the wallet was noted, so users should be patient when working with the platform. It is necessary to use a registered purse to make a deposit or withdrawal of funds. Turning directly to the auction, the user will be pleasantly surprised by the extremely competent location of all the necessary tools.  So, on the main page, you can see the wallet balance, trading table, order book and the available currency pairs themselves. A distinctive feature of IDEX is that users can cancel trading at no extra charge since all transactions are carried out by the exchange itself. This is an advantage and is very useful if, as a result of the fluctuations in the exchange rate, you decide to cancel the transaction.


The creators of the project approached the issue of cryptocurrency exchange security very responsibly as high security of funds is noted by many users. The integration of the exchange with hardware wallets allows an additional level of security for users. Being oriented, first of all, to ERC20 standard tokens, IDEX works exclusively with coins of this format. Due to an extensive order processing system, commissions may vary for different transactions. Do not forget to make sure that when depositing and withdrawing funds you are within the agreed limits.

User support on the exchange is carried out using live chat. All users are urged to familiarize themselves with the frequently asked questions and answers page since this section contains detailed information on all the features of working with IDEX. Finally, you can ask your questions on the IDEX telegram channel. So let's summarize this exchange.



  1. The possibility of free cancellation of transactions
  2. Good security



  1. Support only ERC20 tokens



Actually, being an improved version of EtherDelta, IDEX cryptographic exchange is suggested for users who have used the old platform. Also, the rich functionality and unique technical features make IDEX, in the first place, more attractive for experienced traders.

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