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Company Name


Founder Name

Gerald Cotten




1705 Boulevard des Laurentides #212Laval, QC H7M 2P5, Canada







Deposit methods

Bank wire, Interac, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Paypal

Maximum deposit

$500, 000CAD

Maximum withdrawal

$500, 000CAD

Minimum deposit

$50, 000CAD

Minimum withdrawal


Supported crypto currencies

Ethereum, Litecoin

Supported fiat currencies

Canadian Dollar, United States Dollar

Two-Factor Authentication


Multi-factor Authentication


Secured By SSL


Windows Phone


Mobile version


24/7 Online Support


Contact phone


Contact email
Exchange type


Withdrawal methods

Bank wire, Interac, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Paypal

Open 24H
Range 24H
Vol. 24H
% CH


QuadrigaCX is a popular, renowned and well-known Canadian stock exchange registered in Vancouver. While it is not a platform that ranks among the top of the stock exchanges in terms of turnover, it is a key platform in Canada, as well as throughout North America and widely popular also in other parts of the world. In addition, the platform mostly brings together Canadian players, although we can easily take advantage of the services it offers, even if we are from a different region than North America. Although it can not be concealed that it is best suited for players from Canada and it is for them that I offer the greatest opportunities. In addition, there is not much information on the site itself about the platform itself. However, when seeking out other sources, we were able to determine that the creator of the exchange is Gerald Cotton and it was founded at the end of 2013.


Deposits and Withdrawals

The deposit and withdrawal methods are also better suited for players from North America than Europe or other parts of the world, although even if we are not from Canada or the US, we can easily make a donation to the platform and it is easy to deduct our funds from it.

The deposit and withdrawal processes are significantly different from whether we want to use Canadian dollars, American dollars or maybe cryptocurrencies.



To submit a deposit in CAD, we can use the following methods: Flexepin Voucher, Interac®, international transfer, local transfer, Crypto Capital and QCX Voucher.

The transaction limits set (in brackets) for each of the following methods are: Flexepin Voucher ($ 20 - $ 500), Interac ($ 50 - $ 2000), international transfer ($ 10,000 - $ 500,000), local transfer (10 000 $ - $ 500,000), Crypto Capital ($ 500 - $ 500,000), QCX Voucher ($ 5 - $ 5,000).

The maximum processing time of the deposit is: immediately for Flexepin Voucher, QCX Voucher and Interac®, Crypto Capital - one business day, and international transfer - 5 business days and local time - seven business days.

The fees charged are QCX Voucher and Crypto Capital - none, international and local transfers - 1%, Interac® - 1.5% (minimum $ 5) and Flexepin Voucher - 2.5% of the amount processed.

In the case of US dollars, we can only use Flexepin USD Voucher, international transfer, Crypto Capital and QCX Voucher.

The transaction limits set (in brackets) for each of the following methods are: Flexepin Voucher ($ 50 - $ 500), international transfer ($ 10,000 - $ 500,000), Crypto Capital ($ 500- $ 250,000), QCX Voucher (5 $ - 5000 $). QCX and Flexepin Voucher are instant methods. The international transfer takes up to 5 business days, and deposits with Crypto Capital are processed within one business day. The deposit fee is charged only when using the Flexepin Voucher.

Deposits can also be made using the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Bitcoin Gold and Litecoin. They are all free.

Starting from CAD, we can use the following deposit methods here: Express Bank Transfer, bank cards, Direct Bank Transfer / EFT, international transfer, Crypto Capital, QCX Voucher and Gift Card.

The transaction limits set (in brackets) for each of the following methods are: Express Bank Transfer ($ 50- $ 9,000), bank cards ($ 2,500- $ 7,000), Direct Bank Transfer / EFT ($ 50- $ 10,000), international transfer ($ 100- $ 500,000), Crypto Capital ($ 500- $ 500,000), QCX Voucher ($ 10- $ 5,000) and Gift Card ($ 100 - not specified).

The maximum payment processing time is equal to one business day for Crypto Capital, seven business days for Gift Card and Express Bank Transfer, 14 days for bank cards and Direct Bank Transfer / EFT and up to 21 days for international transfers.

The fees charged are Express Bank Transfer (2%, minimum 5 $), bank cards (1%) and Gift Card (5.85 $). The remaining methods are free.

In the case of US dollars, we already have much fewer options to pay our funds. These are international transfer, Crypto Capital and QCX Voucher. Deposit with the Voucher is immediate, Crypto Capital - up to one business day, and international transfer - up to 10 business days. All these withdrawal forms are free and the transaction limits are $ 500 - $ 500,000 for international transfer, Crypto Capital - $ 500 to $ 250,000, and QCX Voucher - $ 10 to $ 3,000.

Withdrawals can also be processed using cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Ether, and Litecoin. They are all free.


Transaction Fees

Before we go to the presentation of the fees charged here when making a transaction, it is worth noting that it is not an exchange that will allow us to purchase too much cryptocurrency. The only cryptocurrencies supported here are: Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC), and fiat currencies by means of which we can acquire crypto are: USD and CAD. However, most probably more cryptocurrencies will be added - one of the information is that the platform will try to add the DOGE cryptocurrency in the near future.

However, passing the commission itself, unfortunately, it is not the most attractive commission system we will meet. For each transaction made on the stock exchange, a fee of 0.5% of the processed amount is charged for the following currency pairs: BTC / USD, BTC / CAD, ETH / CAD and 0.2% for ETH / BTC. It is worth noting here that commissions are charged before the amount is sent, so it is important to additionally have enough funds to cover the transfer costs and to avoid later any surprise that we can not make the transaction.



As for the security of this stock exchange, it is one of those platforms, which really hard to fault anything in this respect. Users issue positive opinions about this stock market, the platform has been around for quite some time and strictly adheres to all legal regulations. In addition, all funds are stored outside the Internet environment (offline) in the so-called "Cold storage" and two-factor verification is available for users. Moreover, the stock market has never been attacked or God's weapon has been hacked. That's why we do not have anything to be afraid of when it comes to our security.

The stock exchange also has a trustworthy, efficient customer service that is able to help us solve problems we encounter. Although live chat is not available here, the creators of the platform have prepared a really extensive FAQ section for us, through which we can easily answer most questions ourselves. QuadrigaCX client support does not, however, stand out with the best opinion on the web - mainly because the waiting time for an answer is sometimes too long. Developers should definitely consider employing more people here.



    QuadrigaCX can be considered the best Canadian Exchange but they aren’t very advanced yet and has delays over deposits and withdrawals. However, they can be pretty reliable in other aspects.

    Pros & Cons
    • Accepts both fiat and cryptocurrencies
    • A reliable platform
    • A medium attractive commission system
    • No live chat
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