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Chinese, English, Russian

Supported crypto currencies

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin

Supported fiat currencies

Euro, United States Dollar

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General Review

The Wex platform, we noticed it as an interface dedicated to offering virtual change house services for different pairs of cryptocurrencies and virtual goods, it has its main headquarters in Singapore. This company offers multiple digital commerce services for a variety of virtual currencies most used today, among them, we have Bitcoin, Litecoin, Namecoin, Ether, Dash, Novacoin, Bitcoin Cash, Peercoin and Zcash. It should also be noted, that classic fiduciary currency is not excluded from the Wex trading platform. Therefore, we will find the most used the EUR, RUR, USD, in addition to different alternative currencies. It is good to know that Wex has a large portfolio of virtual currencies available, it is relatively large and even offers an excellent variety of altcoins directed at all those traders of the digital stock market, also counting with different fiduciary currencies as mentioned above.

WEX is practically a new web page dedicated to being an exchange that apparently was launched to the market by BTC-e, in the same way, that Wex team denies that they have had to do with the cryptocurrency financial institution BTC-E, said the platform is for bitcoin exchange. The announcement of this new company was made known and made through the use of social networks, specifically through Twitter. This new digital interface is the project that took all the effort of a couple of months to those who were possibly the creators of the BTC-e platform. All this maneuver in which both parties deny being related to each other is very likely an attempt to rebuild the trust of BTC-e to customers after bad weather in which the fines by US authorities in June 2017. Following the issue, even the platforms are much more like everything highlighting as soon as to functionality, design and different options for the exchanges offered to their customers.

What we have to emphasize is that, as with most cryptocurrency exchange houses that offer their clients quick one-click operations, the Wex operating system is quite simple and basic. It is not a platform aimed especially at the professional trade of cryptocurrencies in the true sense of the word. Wex does not have any kind of help or graphics tools or analysis or anything sophisticated like that, it simply has the spaces for buying and selling as well as a file where the history is stored.  Similarly, if you are a person looking for an exchange to perform complex and dangerous trade maneuvers with the stock market movements of the cryptocurrencies, we would recommend you to look for other alternatives in our "exchanges" section.



The Wex cryptocurrency exchange platform offers us as the first main advantage of an excellent portfolio of digital currencies of which all those people correctly registered in the digital interface of will have access to perform different buying and selling operations using these same, highlight that this company brings us as main to the most used cryptocurrencies of the digital market, among which we mention Bitcoin, Litecoin, Namecoin, Ether, Dash, Novacoin, Bitcoin Cash and among others.

Wex has different options and financing possibilities for its clients with different cryptocurrencies and even with fiduciary currencies. The good thing about this is that it gives us the opportunity to choose from numerous online payment processor options for fiat currencies, but unfortunately, most are available only in Russia. We emphasize that in this interface we will also find different options for bank transfers, but the minimum rate for the deposit of USD and EUR through the use of an international bank transfer is ridiculously high $/€100. Respectively, where the deposit rate is at least $/€20.

It has a design and digital interface quite simple, basic, friendly and easy for all those people who are starting in the world of digital currency because by not having complicated tools, novices are much easier to start it is.



It is not a dedicated interface, oriented or directed to people or professional traders who are in search of a platform full of useful tools so they can apply trade measures or crypto money trading through this page, therefore if you are one of these individuals we recommend you look for in our section of "exchanges" a trading company that offers you the tools you need.

Unfortunately, within the Wex platform, all types of payment, deposit or transfer through the use of credit cards are completely restricted, which is a significant drawback, because we have to take into account all those extremely high fees for making a bank transfer international.

Very bad reputation at the web level due to its uncountable relationship with the company BTC-e which has been sued repeatedly in 2017. Due to this, we will find pretty bad comments from different communities dedicated to the discussion of this type of web page.



As a result, it is obvious that Wex exchange is nothing more than a rebranding of BTC-E, which has weakened the confidence of many. Undoubtedly, this factor, coupled with an insufficiently developed and frankly weak interface, is unlikely to fail as an exchange. Nevertheless, the number of currency pairs offered and input and output options, as well as the policy of the site in the area of ​​commissions, in turn, can help attract new users to their side and try to earn their trust.

Pros & Cons
  • A good selection of currency pairs
  • Many options for depositing funds
  • Fixed and low commission inside the platform
  • Negative reputation of the
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