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Makeevka, Donetsk street, 44, shopping center Globus

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Mostly, the first thing that cryptocurrency users look for is the exchange. Since it is on the exchange platforms that the trader can purchase his first digital tokens for fiat money or exchange between existing cryptocurrencies. Various resources offer seriously different conditions for the exchange, however, the algorithm for the implementation of the transaction itself, in fact, is identical for any service. Today we will try to examine in detail the X-Obmen cryptocurrency exchanger, get acquainted with the peculiarities of its work, and also read what other users think about it.

X-Obmen has been operating since 2011 and today, the service carries out more than a hundred areas of exchange. In addition to the exchange between cryptocurrencies, the X-Obmen user can also withdraw their funds to Visa and Mastercard credit cards. The automatic exchange mode on the service works around the clock, and among the list of supported payment systems are the most popular among Russian-speaking platform users, such as Yandex Money, WebMoney, QIWI, and PayPal. Moreover, the service allows you to withdraw money to a user bank account. The list of supported banks includes Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, VTB, and other most popular banking systems in the Russian and Ukrainian markets.

A separate advantage is a possibility of carrying out non-ruble transactions with the help of the same cards, regardless of the country of the issuer. As with many other exchanges, registration for X-Obmen is not mandatory. Users who create an account and fill out their profile with all the necessary information have every chance to get a discount of up to 11%.

The interface of the exchange has separation of the main sections, and this approach is clear to any user. To exchange, you only need to specify the address of the purses and enter the desired amount. Remember that for some payment systems, there are countries where transfers may not be made. If in case you make a mistake and choose an invalid country for transfer, 10% of the penalty will be returned to you from this amount.

Despite all the advantages of X-Obmen, you can still find a number of contradicting reviews about this resource. Many users accused X-Obmen of fraud, which for potential customers, can in no way have a positive impact on the reputation of the service. On the good side, many traders were satisfied with how X-Obmen works. And to determine how this exchange is a good option, it is possible to use its services independently. In order to get familiarized, it is better to start with some small amounts of transfers so you won't incur serious financial losses in case of disappointment.



    A good set of advantages inherent in the X-Obmen exchanger, at the same time, correlates with a rather large number of sharply negative reviews. As you know, the truth is somewhere nearby, so to determine how X-Obmen suits you personally, you can try to conduct a transaction on this resource with small amounts. Remember that practice is the best criterion of truth, and personal experience, in many respects, predetermines the subjective opinion of users on any resource.

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