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Today, we can trade in various investment instruments right through the Internet. This can be accomplished through online, virtual brokerages. They provide traders with an opportunity to invest in various investment instruments. These platforms also provide educational material and tools that traders can use to implement their strategies. A prime example of such is MahiFX. This is a trading platform that provides investors and traders with an online dashboard linking them to multiple markets around the world. Founded in New Zealand, it has a very low minimum deposit and provides access to a variety of trading instruments. Here is more about it.



•     Regulated Services: The Australian authorities regulate this brokerage. As such, traders in MahiFX can rest assured of compliance.

•     Support several exchanges: Since the service officially published in 2010, this online brokerage provides access to various exchanges around the globe. Investors and traders can buy or sell instruments such as stocks, options, futures, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and even commodities through this platform.

•     Lucrative affiliate programs: Traders can enjoy a specific bonus within it. Known as Refer-a-Friend, this bonus enables you to receive some extra capital to boost your trading success whenever you invite a new trader into the platform, and they open up an account.

•     Two innovative accounts to choose from: Within this online brokerage, you can pick from 2 types of accounts. One of these is the MahiFX MT4. It is based on the most popular platform in the industry of financial trading. The MT4 is compatible with computers as well as mobile devices. The other platform is the MahiFX Webtrader. This one provides convenient web-based access. In both types of accounts, the minimum deposit amount is $1. Moreover, the maximum leverage is set at 100:1 and the minimum size of a trade is 0.01 lots. This brokerage is recognized as a market maker. Furthermore, its traders can implement the expert advice and perform hedging as well.

•     An opportunity to run your own trading business: An interesting feature of MahiFX is that you can start and run your own electronic Forex business in the platform. It provides you with a suite of resources that can be used for this purpose. They include algorithms for hedging, live data analytics resources, risk assessment tools, and trade visualization media. The system also supports spread betting and enables complete, comprehensive system administration. By using these resources, a trader can establish and grow their own e-FX business.

•     Excellent educational resources: Beginner traders can enjoy a variety of educational tools that are embedded in this platform. They include some visual lessons, a glossary of Forex terms and a detailed Question and Answer section.

•     Interactive Forum: MahiFX also contains an informational blog where traders can share, learn and express new strategies.



•     This brokerage has a very affordable minimum deposit.

•     It is compliant with regulations.

•     Traders have the opportunity to pick from 2 different types of accounts.

•     You get convenient, web-based access to your trading account.

•     Traders get the opportunity to run their own online electronic Forex businesses.

•     A number of educational tools are provided for extra learning.



•     There is only one bonus provided



Professionals and enthusiasts of financial trading and investment can make tremendous profits through the MahiFX platform. This brokerage is compliant and provides a wide range of instruments to interact with. It offers convenient web-based access and can be a dedicated, digital investment partner!

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