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Date founded

Dec 31, 2013

Demo version



Hong Kong


Chinese, English







Decimal pricing

5 Digits

Max Leverage


Minimal Lot



30% Bonus for first deposit within 7 days of registration


Currency pairs


Minimum Initial Deposit


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WhaleClub is a Hong Kong-based Company, it started live trading in the early year of 2016 and founded by an excellent CEO, Perry Steegen. The exchange platform is providing a service in over 190 countries and allows clients to buy and sell cryptocurrencies from all around the globe. The service caters Bitcoin to trade cryptocurrencies, stocks, forex, commodities, indices, and metals.

WhaleClub doesn’t apply any charges on these list of the process such as deposits, balances, executions, and inactivity. But, they have a network fee of 0.001BTC for every withdrawal, which is typically the amount charged by the platform for every transaction confirmations. There are also several sets of leverage fees, the list of fees below are some of the significant cryptocurrency pairs. Also, all other trading pairs can found here.

•   BTC/USD pair will have the max leverage of 10X, with a max size of 30BTC. The spread is about 4.8 with financing rate of 1.8%.

•   DASH/BTC pair will have the leverage of 3X, with a max size of 3BTC. The spread is 0.0006 with the financing rate of 0.6%.

•   For ETH/BTC pair will have the max leverage of 5X, with a max size of 5BTC. The spread is 0.001 with the commercial rate of 38.2%.

•   For LTC/BTC pair will have the max leverage of 5X, with a max size of 10BTC. The spread is 0.04 with the commercial rate of 0.5%.

WhaleCub affiliate program gives excellent bonuses and commissions. The affiliated user at whaleCub will get a passive income of 50% revenue shares and additional sign-up bonus for the new traders (The users you referred will get 25% bonus on their first deposit). The payout is given instantly with no minimum earnings in a lifetime as long the referred users are active.



•   Anonymous: No identity verification required

•   No trading fees: There are no fees charged when it comes to deposits, withdrawals, and trading on Whale Club.

•   No minimum deposit requirements: All clients can make a transaction on the platform without worrying the required minimum deposit.

•   Excellent user experience: The platform is user-friendly which suitable for beginners and great graph with live trading rates with a lot of fundamental trading tools.

•   Excellent Support: Support team at Whalecub are very proactive; the cater email and phone support for all their clients.

•   Global, secure and 100x leverage: The platform is available all over the world, possessed high-level security, and many pairs, leverage, etc.

•   Demo account: The platform offers a demo account for all user’s.



•   Bitcoin-only deposits: Funding assets at Whalecub is limited to Bitcoin only.

•   High leverage interest fees: The platform is known as no trading fee, but the service applied quite high leverage fees which depend on the cryptocurrency pair.

•   High Withdrawal Fees: The platform asked competitive network fees for every transaction.


Funding and Withdrawing Assets on WhaleClub:

•   Funding assets at WhaleClub are limited to BTC only. The “deposit link” is accessible from the trader’s dashboard and wallet. Funding will immediately credit once the assets reach the blockchain.

Please take note that trading platform doesn’t support bank transfers or any other payment methods in fiat currencies. However, there are several numbers of digital currencies supported at WhaleClub: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Dash (DASH), Monero (XMR).

•   Withdrawal is made manually at set times of the day. The mean reason behind the manual withdrawals is for the security factor, because, all the client's assets kept in cold storage which away from the platform and out of range for potential hackers. All the transaction are process everyday including weekends and holidays – everything is done manually and following the strict protocols.

The platform doesn’t charge any fees when doing deposit/withdrawal of funds. Also, the exchange doesn’t execute any limits on deposits and withdrawals.


How to Trade on:

Trading at WhaleClub done in just simple steps and process. First, funding your account with cryptocurrency (BTC is the only supported). There’s no minimum deposit, but in trading, it required a minimum size around 0.01BTC.

Once done funding your account, you need to choose a market you’ve preferred. There are several types of the market available on the platform where you can choose from, like stocks, Netflix, fiat currencies, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. Please take note, that all clients can create a “watch list” by clicking the “star” from the trading dashboard.

Creating trade made with some process like you will go with the “Long Trade,” in which you expect to make a profit from rising process. In other hands for the “Short Trade or Long Position,” in which you can make revenue when the prices are falling. There also a “bid and ask” trading which almost the same with the long and short trade, “bid trading” represent at which the user can currently go short trading while “ask trading” is the vice versa (close to “short position”). The “order type” is the most basic market trade order – it immediately executes client long or short trade at the best price at the current available in the market. “Leverage Trading” is one of the most excellent trading methods on this platform for advanced traders, which the users can manage/use a large number of funds by borrowing assets and used just a little from their own Bitcoin account. The last one to complete and place the trade is the “Trade Size,” in which you will set the full amount on how much you are willing to spend on your trade, including leverage. Once completing the whole process, just click “long or short,” and done!



WhaleClub keeps 100% of all their clients’ assets in cold wallets, and the keys put in safekeeping at max-security locations. The servers are always run and updated with the latest software version with strict security policies. Two-factor authentication offered for all user accounts. Also, all communication between Whale Club and the clients is encrypted.

The trading platform never hacked. The only network security glitch is no SMS alerts. But, an email alert is available.

Pros & Cons
  • Very tight spreads, No fees and commissions, Demo account, No minimum deposit requirements
  • Blockchain transactions, No MT4, Accepting bitcoin only
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