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Bitinka is a Latin American company that offers exchange services for cryptocurrencies which allows people from admitted countries to buy or sell Bitcoins easily and securely in their local currency. This company offers mainly a Bitcoin exchange, but also offers the same process but from digital currency to another virtual currency. Bitinkla was founded in 2014 in Lima, Peru. Since that same year, the company has undergone many changes that have made its growth very exponential. Since that time it has managed to implement an infinity of services, classic or fiduciary currencies and has also fulfilled the necessary requirements to operate in other Latin American countries principally, besides Peru.


A Little More About Bitinka

This platform has had remarkable success in the Spanish-speaking community. Since mid-2017, it has extended its borders to other countries in Latin America, Europe, and Asia, adding other base currencies for exchanges in these regions. One thing we have to keep in mind is that this company not only offers exchange services but also gives its customers the opportunity to get a digital wallet to store the cryptocurrencies acquired within its website. In this way, the process is much more direct and secure.


Regions Available to Operate

Unfortunately, this company for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies is available in a small number of countries, mainly in Latin America. Bitinka is known to operate normally and one hundred percent in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Peru, and Venezuela. Given that Bitcoin gives it the opportunity to go global, this is one of its biggest drawbacks. It should be noted that this company is in the process of adapting to include in its operations as we said before countries in Europe and Asia, there are some services already available, but they are very limited.


Commissions and Fees

All transactions on Bitinka incur a 0.50% commission, which is at least twice the size of most exchanges (and many of them charge only the "buyers" of the market). In addition to that, BitInka also applies deposit and withdrawal fees, which are quite high. For example, bank deposits in U.S. dollars, while Bitcoin withdrawals incur a 0.15% commission. At least, all tariffs are clearly presented on the exchange website.


Available Payment Methods

In this platform, all the ways or gateways for the realization of corresponding payments will depend in their totality of the region or country in which it is and also of the digital currency with which it wants to work at the moment. You can also deposit funds directly into the personalized addresses of your Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and Ripple digital purses. The most common means of payment offered by BitInka are bank deposits and payment by credit card that are only available for the regions of Peru until now.


  1. Excellent design
  2. Effective for Latin American regions
  3. Fast and safe for operations
  4. Available for very few regions
  5. High commissions



Bitinka is a Latin American company founded in Lima, Peru in the early years of 2014. The company serves as an exchanges service mainly for bitcoin cryptocurrency, altcoin, and various local currencies which enables a user to buy and sell bitcoins in the easiest and secure way. Bitinka is well-known in Spanish-speaking communities and had extended its office on the regions of Latin America, Europe, and Asia since 2017. The platform requires customers to get a personal digital wallet for easy and secure transactions within the company. The full coverage of the company’s services originated from the countries Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Peru, and Venezuela, and until today. The company offers to incur 0.50% commission on all transactions and incurs 0.15 commissions for withdrawal, quite nice income opportunity. it is a little high when it comes to deposit and withdrawal fees as it included the necessary government taxes and tariffs for legalities. At Bitinka you will surely enjoy exceptional benefits on all of its features including fastest easy and secure transaction. Except to the fact that you should be in its full coverage area.

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