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Lunar Bets

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Minimum bets

0.003 BTC

Supported crypto currencies


Minimum deposit

0.001 BTC

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Company Name

Lunar Bets

Date founded

Jan 01, 2016

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Lunar Bets


United Kingdom



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0800 980 381

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Bonus Amount: 100% Up to 1, 000 Lunar Coins. |


Lunar Bets is a bookmaker's platform founded in March 2016. Unlike others (most) bookmakers, Lunar Bets does not offer any attractions other than betting bookmakers - there is no separate casino or poker room here.  It is similar with supported currencies - no Fiat currency or cryptocurrency are accepted here but Bitcoin. Similar to other sites that only serve cryptocurrencies, Lunar Bets does not limit their players regardless of their place of residence. They are accepting players no matter where they come from and allows players to stay anonymous. As compared to other websites, they require just a Bitcoin registration, and an account can only be created using the same email address, no further information is needed.


Deposits and Withdrawals

As mentioned, Bitcoin (BTC) is the only currency supported by the platform. Deposits are done immediately and only requires one confirmation for it to credit funds to our account. Payments are also immediate. However, you need to confirm the withdrawal manually in case you are paying large sums at once. Commission charge of  0.0001 BTC for withdrawals are being charged.



The Lunar Bets platform is noticeably stylish, responsive, genuine, and an open sportsbook platform. However, there is no possibility to change the format of the courses displayed. Also, they only display rates in decimal format, fractional or American is not available. While for experienced players this is not a big problem, some of the players could be affected, and in such cases. They may be parted to the formal courses that could be harder to imagine.

Another downside of this platform, which is closely related to our statement that the platform is aimed at novice players, there are poor odds. Unfortunately, but in comparison with most bookmakers, even cryptocurrency only, issued by Lunar Bets odds are kind of weak. While you can not complain about the offer because it is definitely better than on competitive platforms, unfortunately, the courses leave a lot to be desired. It is also worth noting that Lunar Bets is a particularly good choice for all fans of e-sport because it is in this respect that their offer is the best against the competition.

The Lunar Bets betting platform also has certain minimum limits and the maximum amount we can bet. The minimum bet amount is 0.001 BTC, and the maximum is not clearly defined and depends on the popularity and amount of money given to the event. As we know, what most people set in and the higher "pot" of funds placed, the maximum limits should be higher.  Based on gathered information from their customer service department and users, you can bet big amounts here. Keep in mind though that some events here have put up small chances.



Unlike other platforms, they do not give rewards for its players, no welcome bonus either. The only available additional program that we can use is the affiliate program. And if you are quite good and have friends interested in online gambling, or have excellent marketing skills online, you can earn a lot of money. For each person we refer to the platform, Lunar Bets pays us 4% of all the funds they placed on the platform.



Lunar Bets have a good interface, friendly and easy to use, therefore highly recommendable to players, either a beginner or an expert in sports betting. It is quite advanced since they are available on several platforms, be it on your desktop computer (Windows and Apple), tablet, and mobile devices (Android and iOS). What we suggest that they could have is live betting soon, and some Casino games as well.

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