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Jan 01, 2014




200 470 Olde Worthington Rd, Westerville


United States


Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Vietnamese

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Japanese Yen, United States Dollar

TradingView is a charting and analysis program for stocks that was founded in 2011 to enable traders to gain access to information from a variety of financial markets and different trading assets. But not just that. Traders can use TradingView as some kind of industry social media platform to share individual technical analysis as well as trade ideas.

Some of the trading assets on which one can get information include cryptocurrencies, commodities, currency pairs, and stocks.


Some online reviewers have declared TradingView to be one of the best charting and analysis software so far. Why should they make such a declaration? The following are some of the features that define TradingView to be what it is today.

1. Types of Accounts

On this platform, traders have access to four unique types of accounts, namely the Free Account, Pro Account, ProPlus Account, and Premium Account. While no fees are charged on the free account, the others attract fees ranging from $9.95 to $59.95. The free TradingView account is great for traders whose volumes of transactions is minimal while the paid plans suit the hyperactive traders. Some of the things on which you will sacrifice by choosing the free plan include the number of charts, the number of devices you can use at a go, server-side alerts, and quality of customer support.

2. Desktop/Mobile Support

If you are using a web browser on a Mac or PC, TradingView is very easy to run. All you need is to open the website in a web browser and go to the homepage to access the different trading instruments. The website is mobile friendly and can be opened on any mobile device without compromising on the features. There is no need to download and install the software, given that it is cloud-based.

3. Trading Instruments

Due to the variety of stock exchanges covered by TradingView, traders are able to access numerous options in terms of stocks. In addition, the platform supports covered all the exotic, minor, and major currencies. Traders may also find information on metals, energy, indices, agriculture, interest rates, and other futures. It also supports 26 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Ripple. But it is TradingView’s support for over 30 government bonds that make it to truly stand out.

4. Screening Tools 

When it comes to real-time filtering and scanning, TradingView truly stands out. Not only do traders get to scan a large number of fundamentals, but the quality of data available is mind-boggling. You will get information in terms of balance sheets, income statements, margins, dividends, valuation, and performance. Some of the screen types include stock screen, forex screen, and crypto screen.

5. Customer Support

TradingView does not provide a wide variety of ways through which traders can reach customer support. So far they offer only a fill-in form on their website.


  • Provides some of the best charting and analysis features
  • One may sign up for a free account
  • The pricing is comparatively affordable
  • Supported by a community of active traders


  • Almost no customer support for traders
  • Does not support the MT4 trading platform
  • Not possible for one to get a refund
  • The information and tools available on TradingView may not be adequate


After a careful assessment of the features, advantages, and disadvantages of this platform, it is clear that TradingView is the best place for traders to go when in need of the best charts and analysis of different trading instruments.

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