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Basic Principle

Skrill has been around for quite a number of years and it has been widely adopted as a preferred online payment platform. When it comes to making digital payments, Skrill is one of the top choices and its popularity is evident in its presence in more than 200 customers with over 36 million customers. There is of course room to improve and over time, it is expected that the platform will grow exponentially when more customers adopt the payment platform.

Skrill is an international digital payment platform which can be accessed by any adult internet user who has a registered email. All activities on the Skrill platform are monitored and regulated by the United Kingdom Financial Services Authority. Skrill is a highly secure platform suitable for international online payments irrespective of the location a customer is. You can either use it to make payments or keep money and what is so great about it? Skrill is multicurrency and can be used to make various payments and purchases over the internet.

With over 40 supported currencies, Skrill can be used for a wide range of funding options such as debit and credit cards, bank transfer, etc. 

Why Use Skrill?

There are a lot of options to use for online payments other than Skrill but the question begging for answer is, “Why use Skrill?” Well, it is pretty easy to answer; you can attach your bank account or credit/debit card to your Skrill account and transfer from any of them to top up your Skrill account. Even in Casinos, all you have to do is enter your Skrill username and password to deposit money. Skrill saves you the stress of having to enter your card details every now and then.

Another reason to use is Skrill is its high level of safety. For everywhere you enter your Skrill details, your card details are not shared. Skrill stores your card details and does not share with any other platform where you make payment on with Skrill.

Pros of Using Skrill

* Zero charges on credit card processing.
* Make international payments with ease.
* Ease of withdrawal into any type of bank account.
* Fewer restrictions compared to other online payment methods such as credit cards.

Cons of Using Skrill

There is nothing that has an advantage that does not have its own disadvantages. There are a couple of drawbacks of using skrill, but they are not things that cannot be easily overcome.

* Unavailability in some countries.
* No financial support from third parties 

Skrill Mobile App

Skrill has an app which is available on Android, iOS and Windows. Through the Skrill mobile app, you can carry out all transactions easily and conveniently. The mobile app is free to use and it contains all of the features that Skrill has to offer.


Taking into cognizance the pros and cons pf using Skrill, it is an established fact that Skrill is a very reliable platform which makes the process of online payments in any location in the world easy, convenient and fast.  

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