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Wielicka 72, Cracow, Poland
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Andrzej Budzik




Wielicka 72, Cracow, Poland





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2 euro



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British Pound, Czech Koruna, Euro, Polish Złoty, Slovak Koruna, United States Dollar

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48 12 688 26 00

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Dotpay is a well-known Polish payment processing system, very often used for depositing in casinos and commonly by not accepted (at least those focusing on the Polish market, although in recent times and more and more often is found on typically foreign platforms). Dotpay was founded a very long time ago, in YR2001, although it was known until 2008 as AllPay. It is also a great choice for many companies as it is safe and proven a solution that allows for proper regulation of financial services between clients and online sellers. It is true that when it comes to the company market, it still focuses mainly only Polish enterprises, but with the strengthening of our country's position in the arena international, more and more contracts are being concluded between countries, which makes them much more willing to reach the Dotpay platform for regulation of their own business.



You can make purchases in many different ways, for example with a message text - SMS, bank cards, e-transfers, and cash or mobile payments. The great advantage of this system is the very low commissions charged by this platform, which is also the reason that encourages foreign companies to use our Polish system. In addition, Dotpay is available in many different languages and excellent customer service. Transactions can also be carried out using mobile devices from anywhere in the world. A great solution is also that you do not have to register to be able to pay - especially if you rarely pay for something online or we usually use other systems. Otherwise, people usually choose a different way, even with a higher commission, because I simply do not want to register on a given platform.

In addition to serving a large number of different languages, the Dotpay platform also allows to make transactions using several different currencies and accept payments with Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Diners Club, bank transfer and many other ways.

Making a deposit in the casino is also very simple and runs analogously to the others platforms. Simply choose the Dotpay payment method from the available options and log in on the platform, enter your details and the amount you want to transfer and then confirm payment. Such a transaction is accepted immediately by the casino, so it's right now after closing the Dotpay platform window, we can start the game at our favorite casino.

Dotpay Platform also has a greatly optimized mobile platform that allows making payments from virtually anywhere in the world using our smartphones or tablets. We can also use the special option - DotpaySMS, which allows customers to submit payments via SMS text messages.

In addition, it often happens that casinos offer interesting, but limited time deposit bonuses made with a new payment method - as Dotpay is becoming more and more commonly accepted by foreign casinos, definitely worth to look at.




The Dotpay system is completely automated - it allows customers to generate reports, monitoring all transactions and does not charge any fixed fees, and in free time we still get really reliable and competent customer service - also from matters strictly technical.

The platform complies with the PCI DSS standard and is a reputable financial system, that's why as customers, we definitely have nothing to fear in terms of security.

Dotpay accepts payments from almost all Polish banks, as well as from foreign ones, international platforms like PayPal. The platform is well-adapted to foreign one's clients and serves as many as 9 different languages, as well as accept a lot of currencies. In addition, customers receive instant notifications of any complex payments and have full insight into your financial history and control over those on their account with funds and operations performed.



The biggest disadvantage is that the system is still focused mainly on the Polish market (as for now). Of course, creators are slowly implementing their services also to foreign markets and attracting Western customers, although this is still done on a small scale and only when the interests of companies they are directly correlated with the Polish market. In addition, as far as we mentioned, the platform does not charge any fixed fees, which is a really great thing, they often charge situational fees for the transfer. The third downside is that the payment offer accepted by this system can and is rich for Polish clients, however still very limited for foreign customers. As we can see, it's slowly changing, but the word "slowly" should be emphasized here.




Dotpay is one of the safest online payment systems in Poland.  It offers payments via credit card, Visa or MasterCard, e-transfer, Internet transfer or cash or mobile payment. It has a stable financial situation, great user-experience and uses the latest technical solutions. It also offers a wide range of great services and is secure to use.

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