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Afon Building, Worthing Road, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1TL, England.
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PSI-Pay Ltd.


Not Available in US




Credited, Regulated, Reputable, Gives Flexibility in Depositing


Afon Building, Worthing Road, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1TL, England.


Afon Building, Worthing Road, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1TL, England.


United Kingdom


Chinese, Dutch, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

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Argentine Peso, Australian Dollar, Bosnia and Herzegovina Convertible Mark, Brazilian Real, British Pound, Bulgarian Lev, Canadian Dollar, Chilean Peso, Chinese Renminbi Yuan, Colombian Peso, Costa Rican...

Argentine Peso, Australian Dollar, Bosnia and Herzegovina Convertible Mark, Brazilian Real, British Pound, Bulgarian Lev, Canadian Dollar, Chilean Peso, Chinese Renminbi Yuan, Colombian Peso, Costa Rican Colón, Czech Koruna, Danish Krone, Euro, Georgian Lari, Hong Kong Dollar, Hungarian Forint, Icelandic Króna, Indian Rupee, Indonesian Rupiah, Israeli New Sheqel, Japanese Yen, Macanese Pataca, Malaysian Ringgit, Mexican Peso, Moldovan Leu, New Zealand Dollar, Nicaraguan Córdoba, Norwegian Krone, Panamanian Balboa, Peruvian Nuevo Sol, Polish Złoty, Romanian Leu, Russian Ruble, Serbian Dinar, Singapore Dollar, South African Rand, Swedish Krona, Swiss Franc, Thai Baht, Turkish Lira, Ukrainian Hryvnia, United States Dollar, Uruguayan Peso, Uzbekistani Som

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ecoPayz is a platform that is a virtual pre-paid debit card that already exists since YR2000 and offering its users a safe and fast payment method online. Funds to your account can be transferred by bank transfer or by card banking. The platform is very popular and available in around 200 different countries around the world, including Poland. However, it should be remembered that, if they have an account they can actually citizens of all countries in the world. This card edition is available only for the SEPA region. After limiting Polish players by Skrill and Neteller, it has become the most frequently chosen method and also offered in Poland by a number of different platforms. Also, like in case of other such systems, a big advantage is it, that you do not have to disclose your bank details to stores or casinos, which he pays his money to. We also have access to our account from the level of mobile devices, which allows you to deposit money and a casino game or shopping even when we do not have access to a laptop or desktop computer.



Creating an account in ecoPayz is a very simple and fast process - just give a few information, like name and surname or our current address, and then top up our account via bank transfer or bank card. Next, we must confirm our registration via a special activation link sent to us via e-mail. Once done, we can use the platform confidently.

If we are interested in the EcoCard, we must fill out a special form. Once we have completed all the necessary formalities, such a card will be sent to the address provided by us on the website address. We can use this card really everywhere like in every stationary store and fund it from any ATM in the world. It is definitely a very convenient solution for people who move a lot and need a solid and universal payment solution.

When it comes to making a withdrawal, we have two options here - we can carry it out with the help of bank transfer or use the bank card issued by the EcoPayz platform and withdraw money directly from the ATM.



ecoPayz is a subordinate system for PSI-Pay Ltd, whose activity is the most legal and consistent with the Act on Financial Services and Markets from YR2000 in the USA and the Directive EU. In addition, as far as the technical aspect of the platform is concerned, as clients we do not have any what to worry about - the platform is extremely popular, it brings together a huge number of people and the most has a budget to hire top-class specialists from around the world. The system is placed on secure servers enriched with additional software encrypting and serving popular connections like SSL and TLS today allow you to make secure and completely anonymous transactions.


Mobile Application

The platform also works great when it comes to handling mobile devices, what these days, considering the scale on which customers use smartphones, is simply necessary. ecoPayz has a special application in its offer, launched on the market officially in YR2014, which allows you to receive funds and make payments independently from where we are. In fact, having a laptop or a desktop computer is not even required, as such an application also allows you to verify your account and transfer documents directly from the phone or tablet. The application is available for both systems iOS and Android.




Using the ecoPayz system as well as the pre-paid card it offers, it brings with it definitely many benefits. We can make payments from anywhere in the world, withdraw our funds in every ATM and pay in 47 different currencies. Actually, when it comes to about the scope of possibilities, then this platform has no limits. ecoPayz also meets all safety requirements – Data Security Standard (DSS), which means that we do not have anything to worry about when using this system and all our sensitive financial information is appropriately hidden and covered by the Protection Act personal data.

In addition, which is especially important for gamblers, the platform is accepted practically everywhere. Until recently, it was not so popular in Poland, but together with the two giants leaving our market - Skrill, and Neteller, many bookmakers and casinos began to introduce this method, often offering even various types of deposit bonuses made in this way. Of course, compared to other platforms of this type, all our financial information that is available during classic bank transfers or bank card payments, they are not available for stores or platforms we make payments, which significantly increases our security.

Finally, it's worth adding that ecoPayz stands out as one of the best-rated service department’s client from a huge number of similar platforms around the world. The platform offer 24/7 customer service that is able to solve our problems very quickly and aim at the right track if you encounter any difficulties. It is also available big and popular social forum, where many experienced users can answer the question that's bothering us in just a few minutes. As standard, it is also available official telephone line and contact via e-mail. A huge plus is that unlike most websites of this type, customer service functions in many different ways languages, so if we do not know English well or our problem is too complicated so that we can properly explain it in a foreign language, we do not have anything to do worry - we can talk to professionals in our mother language and solve it bothering us.



ecoPayz is one of the easiest payment methods. Opening an account would only take you minutes and does not require a bank account or credit check thus making fund transfer safe and secure. It uses the latest security and fraud solutions with the highest standards of data security and encryption.

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  • Credited
  • Regulated
  • Reputable
  • Gives Flexibility in Depositing
  • Not Available in US
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