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ePayments offers an easier method of managing your card and e-wallet from anywhere in the world. With the ePayments mobile app, you can conveniently manage and track your funds online. The ePayments app is available on iOS and Android operating system and on the app, you can monitor when funds appear in your account, withdraw your funds in one click as well as issue invoices. With ePayments, you can receive payments from your clients and withdraw the funds to your local bank or prepaid card.

Features of ePayment

ePayments Prepaid Mastercard®

epayment in affiliation with Mastercard provides customers on the ePayment platform with a prepaid card from Mastercard with which customers can access funds in their wallet at ATM outlets, POS terminals and shop online with the cards. This prepaid card can be sued anywhere in the world.

ePayments Merchant Service

ePayments offers a merchant service for its customers who have websites so the users on their websites can make payments. ePayments serves as a merchant that processes the payment on behalf of the website owner while all payments go into the ePayments account of the website owner.

Personal Accounts

For private individuals who would like to open an ePayment account for their personal use, opening an e-payment personal account is the best option. Personal accounts can be used to make payments online, receive wire transfers from anybody. All funds received can be withdrawn to a local bank account, web money or cryptocurrencies (Bitcoins and the likes).

Business Accounts

For legal entities or businesses, opening a business account on ePayments makes it easy to pay clients and business partners anywhere in the world. Adding funds to an ePayments business account is very easy and there are many options to go about it. funds can be added through Webmoney, cryptocurrency or bank transfers. ePayments also offers mass payments as well as offering merchant services on business websites.

Pros of using ePayments

  • ePayments can be accessed on any internet-enabled device (mobile phones and computers).
  • A mobile app that is available on Android Operating system and the iOS.
  • A flexible range of options for withdrawing from and sending money to your ePayments account.

The ePayments team has experienced specialists who are well-versed in the e-money payment systems. The company has the required background in financial applications, information security and financial compliance. Since inception, the ePayments platform has grown into a multi-country platform with customers in over a hundred countries all over the world. If making payments on the internet conveniently is what you are looking for, then ePayments is available to meet that need.

Also, for businesses, with ePayments, they can easily make mass payments at once to either their clients or partners. With the ePayments merchant system, it is easy for businesses to receive payments from the users of their website. Bottom Line is that there is a lot to like about ePayments as long as you are looking for a simple, straightforward and efficient way of conducting business on the internet, making payments and receiving payments.

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