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Feb 13, 2018 Xaviera Payment platforms
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Blockchain is the world's leading software platform for digital assets.It was launched on August 30, 2011, by Peter Smith, CEO and Co-founder; and Nicholas Cary, President and Co-founder, both equally talented and hardworking individuals who share the same passion to code and build a financial platform for accepting bitcoin payments online. It is one of the oldest Bitcoin platforms in the world. To date, it also serves the ether ecosystem, too.

To date, it supports almost 20M wallets making it the world's most widely used and known wallet; has raised $40M in series B from the leading investors in the Silicon Valley, offering the largest production blockchain platform in the world; empowered users in 140 countries;  and over 100 Million transactions all over the world.


Blockchain's unique features make it stand out among others. Here are the features it offers:

  • A lot of traders and merchants online use this platform because of the many advantages it offers.
  • It is Simple: Using Bitcoin and ether is safe, simple and fun with the blockchain wallet
  • Secured and Safe: funds are protected from unauthorized access and you can create a backup through the security center step-by-step guide.
  • Buy and Sell online anytime and anywhere: Blockchain works with exchange partners.


Blockchain has some flaws, too but only too few

  • Does not support Litecoin, Dash, and other cryptocurrencies
  • Multiple types of transaction (Cost a lot)
  • Seasonal increase in fees (depend on the market-demand)

Transaction Fees:

The transaction fee depends on the transaction size. Tip: Using a block explorer, you can identify the fee paid for a transaction by viewing transaction details. You can also identify it by calculating the difference between the inputs (sending funds) and the outputs (receiving funds).

Technology Integrations:

Blockchain's technology integration make it more distinct and stand out among other payment gateways

  • Bitcoin Developer APIs: Python, Java, .NET (C#), Ruby, PHP, Node
  • Payment Processing: An incredibly easy method for websites to receive bitcoin payments. This service is completely free and secure. Perfect for business or personal use. 
  • Blockchain Wallet: APIs to send and receive payment from Blockchain Wallets. 
  • Transactions & Blocks Data: Blockchain Data API: Query JSON data on blocks and transactions. Almost all the data you see on this website is available in JSON format. 
  • Simple Query API: Simple plain text API for querying blockchain data. 
  • Websockets: Low latency streaming socket channel providing data on new blocks and transactions. Subscribe to notification on blocks, transactions or an address and receive JSON objects describing a transaction or block when an event occurs. 

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