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Feb 13, 2018 Xaviera Payment platforms
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Blockonomics is founded in 2016 by Shiva S., a python c/c++ developer with strong understanding of Linux / system internals and mathematics. It offers a decentralized and permissionless bitcoin payment solution that can be used to accept Bitcoin directly from traders securely. Invoice anonymously can be made and accepted using your own bitcoin address. Invoice details are encrypted in your browser and protected using a secret key. 

Blockonomics allows wallet monitoring and email notifications for anyone holding a Bitcoin public wallet. Merchants can use the plugins or payment button on their e-commerce platform to accept Bitcoin as a payment for any product purchased by consumers online. Merchants need not worry about a third party holding onto their revenue as all payment addresses are from the customers' own wallets making  Blockonomics one of the most unique and known payments gateway among merchants in the digital currency world.


Blockonomics offers a wide variety of services as well as features that merchants 

  • Add Bitcoin as a payment method on your store
  • A "Bitcoin" option is added to customer checkout
  • No middle man in Bitcoin transfer. Payment goes straight to your wallet
  • No outside gateway. Customer never leaves the store
  • Fast, easy and user-friendly setup. No waiting for API approvals
  • Automatic transaction confirmation monitoring. The order is processed after two -confirmations
  • Can easily monitor expected/paid amounts of BTC
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Accepts different currencies on your online store
  • BTC value is based on the latest exchange rate
  • Automatically handle orders after customer has placed the order
  • Setup cost is absolutely free
  • No recurring fees

Transaction Fees:

  • Address Watcher Users (No Payment Callbacks)
  • Flat Subscription Fee
  • Free to 75USD per month based on address limits and API features

Merchants (With Payment Callbacks)

  • 1% Fee on Payments
  • First 10 payments free
  • Auto increasing address limits
  • No hidden tax fees

Technology Integration:

API Integration offers a good API to build a deposit and withdrawal system for your site. By using opensource plugins, you can get bitcoin payments working on your site or bitcoin shop in a few minutes. Easy to integrate WordPress plugin, PrestaShop plugin, and payment buttons.Linked:

  • Prestashop Plugin (Open Source)
  • Wordpress Plugin (Open Source)
  • Magento Plugin (Open Source)
  • Payment Buttons Demo

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