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Feb 13, 2018 Xaviera Payment platforms
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XBTerminal is the fast, simple, safe and secured, as well as cost-effective way for accepting bitcoin today. With the seamless payment gateway integration, you can control how the payments are processed, whether in Bitcoin or your local currency. 

It was founded on July 10, 2014, by Aleks Nowak, a former Army and a Bitcoin geek together with Alex Kotenko, a web and mobile development geek.

It has introduced XBT Mobile which allows you to Start Accepting Bitcoin now with no upfront costs. It is very convenient and easy to operate as their hardware product. Customers may pay from any mobile Bitcoin wallet by NFC or QR code, payment from offline mobile devices is supported by Android Bluetooth only. The payment process is fast and secure, allowing you to dip your toe into the Bitcoin world without any upfront costs. This solution best suits merchants without a fixed point of sales like a pop-up or street traders, it’s also a great starting point before deciding if you want a dedicated device for your business.


  • Mobile friendly
  • Payment processing is fast, secure and timely
  • There are no upfront costs to use the app
  • The fee is minimal 
  • Best suits merchants without a fixed point of sales like pop-up or street traders


  • XBT was Intended for the Mobile App.
  • No Technology Integrations used - No API available
  • Limited Bitcoin currency supported

Technology Integration:

  • No API  available or open source for the users/developer etc.

Transaction Fee:

  • Varies depending on the bitcoin payment processor you choose.

How it works:

The payment process is very simple and user-friendly. You enter the amount to be paid in your local currency, the app then fetches the Bitcoin exchange rate and displays the amount in Bitcoins. Your customer may then pay with any mobile Bitcoin wallet by either touching their phone against yours (devices with NFC support only) or scanning a QR code. The payment is quickly validated and an electronic receipt issued. This may be downloaded by the customer via NFC or QR code.

XBTerminal has created an amazing bitcoin point of sale device which gives merchants the ability to accept Bitcoin payments from any Bitcoin wallet, through QR codes and interestingly, even NFC’s . The payment can be converted to fiat currency immediately, to avoid loss of money as the Bitcoin price is very unstable.

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