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The world of cryptocurrency continues its expansion through the digital realm. More and more people are using them, not just because of their efficiency and anonymity, but also in their awakening power in the international economy.

As of now, Bitcoin is the most preferred cryptocurrency, with Ethereum and Litecoin coming as second and third respectively. In the long term, economic analysts believe that this currency model will be positioned in the networks and in the world population. This possibility is brought by the secure transactions these digital currencies allow.

If you're already familiar with the cryptocurrency world, Bitnovo is a great platform for you.



Bitnovo is one of the leading platforms in cryptocurrency payment processing. It's one of the first achievers in integrating Bitcoin payments into daily life transactions -- like paying for stuff you buy.

The platform offers payment cards, similar to debit cards. The amount you have on the card is the same as the amount of Bitcoin you have in the platform's wallet. You can use the card at gas stations and shopping centers. This shows how Bitnovo works as a payment processor for Bitcoin.

Once requested, the company would send the card to your home with additional cost.



Subscription: At the moment, there are two subscription options for Bitnovo.

  • Anonymous Card: This option has three options.

    • Level One: You get a card with a total limit of €250 in Bitcoin. You don't have to provide personal data. You can use it for international payments and it has no commissions.

    • Basic Level: You're limit increases to €2, 5000 in Bitcoin per year, with up to 3 monthly charges of €250. You can use it for international payments and it has no commissions. You must provide personal information to be approved.

    • Premium Level: You're annual limit increases to €15,000 in Bitcoin. Personal information is required for approval.

  • Bitnovo Card: This comes with two options.

    • Virtual Card: Use this card for online payments.

    • Plastic Card: Use this card to make withdrawals in cash at ATMs with a €20,000 limit. You must provide personal information to have your account validated.

Bonuses: Bitnovo allows you to validate the bonuses you gained from other platforms such as casinos, sports betting, and others. Write the code on the platform and the value of Bitcoin to be credited.

Payment Methods: Bitnovo offers different payment methods for you to deposit Bitcoin to your account. Bitnovo allows credit cards, PayPal, Neteller, or through transfers from your own bank account.

Customer Service: Bitnovo has a special section where frequent problems and questions from users are addressed. It is great to visit if you're starting out. Everything is explained in simple terms.

In cases where you have serious problems you can't fix from the section mentioned above, you could send a request. Just click on the "Submit a Request" button on the right side of the header. Bitnovo will process your request and attend to your problem as soon as possible.



•     Anonymity

•     Offers debit card

•     Fast transaction



•     No sell option

•     High fees



Bitnovo is a secure platform where you can conveniently use a card to pay for products and services and withdraw money anonymously. It has many subscription options where you can be rest assured your personal information are safe.

If you're looking for a wallet which can store your Bitcoin and use it for payments, Bitnovo is right for you.

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