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CoinPip is a Singaporean based payment gateway founded by Alexander Angerer, Anson Zeall, Arseniy Kucherenko, that helps consumers, corporate offices, and business owners to send money end-to-end to employees, freelancers, and contractors worldwide.

Users don’t need to have any knowledge of or experience with using bitcoin and never interact with bitcoin as all transfers start and end in the currency of choice.

The “Direct Payments” feature which was released in June allows businesses and individuals to send money to the bank accounts of partners and remote workers in countries such as mainland China, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and the US.

Coinpip has recently revamped its system and merchants can now convert their bitcoin transactions into 70 regional currencies instantly.


There are many features that CoinPip offers

  • Available in more than 40 countries worldwide
  • No forex and other hidden charges
  • Same Day Delivery with a flat fee of 3%
  • Mobile Phone fund transfer
  • No registration required for wire transfer recipients
  • Dedicated Customer Service
  • Mass International Payouts in a one-time setup
  • Enables businesses to send and receive digital payments


Users can manage their funds and the fees paid using the desktop and mobile apps. Fees are as stated:

  • Sender's fee is a flat 2% rate
  • Forex Fee - Free
  • Same date delivery Fee - 3%

How it works:

CoinPip uses bitcoin technology to send your money right through. Send money to anyone from any mobile device. Just type in your recipient info and you're ready to go! They'll keep track and notify you of the location of your funds. Just a bank transfer and your money will be on it's way to your recipient.

Merchants use CoinPip’s point-of-sale system or online payment gateway to directly accept bitcoin payments.

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