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It has to be admitted that compared to the rest of the world, players from the USA are having problems when it comes to making deposits to the casino. The government restricts them in terms of gambling, which means, very often, casinos simply do not accept players from the United States, as this is too much of a risk for them. Finding a convenient and safe method that is accepted by the casino and will allow them to deposit their funds is also extremely difficult. PayNearMe offers a solution that partially solves this problem and allows making a deposit to the casino for players from the USA, regardless of the state in which they are in, provided that such casino is legal and is officially registered.

Admittedly, there are not many casinos that accept the PayNearMe payment system, though this is beginning to change gradually. It should also be noted that this platform has only been operational for 6 years and it has been taking steps to build its reputation starting with local solutions. The system itself is very convenient, you can use this method whenever you want. That is why it also becoming an alternative to bank accounts. Virtually no one nowadays accepts cash for rent or bills payment as all transactions are carried out by banks and other types of online payment options. Some regions in the world, such as Zug in Switzerland, even allow payment of taxes in cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin). Regardless of the method, having a bank account and access to online payment solutions is already some kind of a standard. For people who avoid the system of modernized banking mainly due to the cost of maintaining such an account, PayNearMe can be an interesting alternative. Although still used rather for purposes other than the casino, it is slowly gaining more and more popularity in this area.


System Operation

PayNearMe remains in close cooperation with many local and state-owned companies, even companies specializing in real estate and automotive loan management. The range of this platform is quite large, so there is no problem with payments for rent, house bills or even paying off loan installments. Of course, you need to find out whether a given company cooperates with this system. PayNearMe is constantly establishing new contacts with many American companies and is becoming a really solid alternative to online banking. To use this method, just bring your bill to your local store like 7-Eleven or Family Dollar along with a special barcode received from PayNearMe and pay for the service. You will receive a confirmation that the transaction has been made and funds will be automatically credited to the payer's account. A very simple and convenient way that will certainly become more and more popular, especially since a large part of the population wants to stay away from banking, not only for economic reasons and account maintenance costs but also as part of promoting the idea of ​decentralization initiated by cryptocurrencies.

PayNearMe is available in many different locations, spread all over the United States. The platform has about 20,000 points in the US, of which more or less half of them are open 24/7. The scale of operation of this system is not small and is still gaining popularity, attracting a large number of users. PayNearMe offers a safe, simple and fast deposit method to the casino.

Many banks close their outlets in smaller cities or poorer regions because it is not economically profitable for them to maintain, as the lack of a bank account generally belongs to a lower social class. For people living in such regions, the use of the full range of banking services can be a bit difficult. PayNearMe is mainly focused on such places and is an alternative for people who are uninterested in banking services.



  1. Alternative to having a bank account



  1. Withdrawal of funds not supported
  2. Designed to pay for products and services only



The biggest problem for players depositing their funds to the casino using the method PayNearMe is that withdrawal is not supported as it is simply designed to pay for products or services as an alternative to online banking. Therefore the developers did not see any reason to change the whole idea of ​​the project and allow making withdrawals. However, casinos generally offer a lot of alternative methods for withdrawals, that will allow you to make a direct bank transfer.

In addition, some players choose this method because of the apparent "anonymity" that it offers. However, due to restrictive laws, on money laundering and gambling for minors, everything is carefully regulated. Records are created when it comes to deposits and withdrawals, as well as users are required to prove their identity by sending all necessary information or documents (passport, identity card, driving license, address confirmation).

It is also worth remembering that making a deposit with this method is not as easy as to spend it. Of course, a lot here depends on your location and individual situation. The United States is a really big country, and yet and even though the PayNearMe platform has a lot of points spread across all states, finding one that is close to you might not be so easy. Depending on where you live, making such a deposit may take long and it can stand particularly problematic when you make such payments regularly.

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