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The PerfectMoney platform is managed by owners of large groups and companies that specialize in the area of ​​banking, economics, programming, and law. Creators have been in the industry for a long time and this time they want to offer their customers an ideal payment tool that can be used virtually anywhere on earth. PerfectMoney is a secure and trusted online payment system that allows you to make and receive online payments, as well as securely store your money in the e-wallet provided by the platform. PerfectMoney allows you to make payments for goods and services in online stores, deposits to casinos, and the purchase of cryptocurrency and FIAT currencies. It also allows its users to generate detailed account statements and the use of special online vouchers. Deposits into PerfectMoney account can be made in many different ways, currency conversion is also available when depositing.



Payments using this system is very simple, but it should be remembered that you must first top up your account. This can be done using a variety of methods like bank transfers, transfers through certified partners (Money Gram and Western Union), deposit via cash terminals, pre-paid cards and Bitcoin deposit.

Choosing the right method depends on your country of residence. In some cases, users may also incur certain fees. Since this is an international system, all rights, and possible fees are different in every country.

After processing your funds, you will receive a special e-currency - PerfectMoney (PM), which can be used to make deposits in casinos or payments in online stores. Payments are made via bank transfer, pre-paid cards, e-voucher, and Bitcoin.

The payment to the casino itself is very simple, it can be done by just pressing the deposit button on the website. In some casinos, PerfectMoney can also be used as a withdrawal method, but before any attempt to withdraw using this system, you need to contact the customer service department first to determine the individual terms of such withdrawal.

All commissions in the PerfectMoney system are fully paid by the sender. The commission is 1.99% in the case of an unverified account and 0.50% for those that are verified. They are actually one of those that have the lowest fees on the market and for that reason, the platform is worth looking into.



The PerfectMoney platform is also extremely safe and convenient. It uses different tool tools for protection such as:

Identity check

It allows you to identify the client's PM account. It is true that it does not identify faces, but it uses something similar to the system currently in use by Google. It is able to detect the user's device. In case you log in from another computer or from another IP address, you must confirm this login attempt by typing a specially generated code that is sent to the e-mail address you provided upon registration.

SMS authentication

This is a system that is used to create a logical connection between the user's account and its cellphone number to which the serving code is sent to confirm the user’s identity. It is a reliable method of protecting the customer against unauthorized access to his account. This method is identical to that used by banks.

CodeCard protection

In this method, the client receives a card with a special graphics code sent to the e-mail address provided upon registration. It is a convenient and reliable way to confirm the transaction, protecting against unauthorized access to your account. This solution has already been introduced by the majority of known and respected financial institutions in the world.


Protection Against Cheaters

The PerfectMoney platform also offers the most modern security system, by means of which it is possible to detect any fraud or theft. Each transaction passes through a special system called 'Anti Fraud' that prevents theft of funds even if the fraudster uses your data to account. Such a system uses special transaction monitoring algorithms that make The PerfectMoney platform trustworthy and secured in every respect.



E-Voucher helps users transfer funds to anyone in the world even if the recipient does not have an account on the PerfectMoney platform. The recipient will receive the e-voucher number and the activation code via SMS. This solution allows online payments for goods and services.

E-vouchers can be very useful especially when you have ordered something online but won’t be available to directly receive the product. You can just simply create an e-voucher and send it to the recipient. Of course, to prepare it, you must have access to your PerfectMoney account.

When making a payment, E-vouchers can also be useful. When the person you are paying is not comfortable giving out his or her account number, PerfectMoney can just simply send in a voucher to the payee's cellphone number that he or she can use anytime. This process is immediate, but of course, you will have to do this process on your PerfectMoney account.

If you like to travel a lot and do not like to carry cash, E-voucher can be a good alternative. All you need to do is go to the 'Exchangers' section on hte PerfectMoney user panel and check the exchange services. You just need to create an e-voucher and it can be exchanged for cash in one of the selected PerfectMoney exchange points (just enter the number coupon and special activation code). It is also possible to pay such coupon online via a special exchange point. PerfectMoney operates in over 100 countries around the world, and the website is available in 22 languages.



  1. Well developed affiliate program
  2. The convenience of E-vouchers
  3. High-security standards
  4. Multi-language system



  1. No plastic cards to be able to use at any atm
  2. Unduly high fees of up to $2 for withdrawal



PerfectMoney is a decent payment system with impressive layers of security that protect its users from fraud. Though this might not be the top choice when it comes to payment systems, in some situations, traders may find it a convenient alternative to other e-wallets and payment methods. Before committing to this platform, it is important to do your own research as each of these platforms has its own strengths and weaknesses.

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