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Russia, 117648, Moscow, md. Chertanovo Severnoe, 1A, block 1
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Founder Name

Sergey Solonin




Russia, 117648, Moscow, md. Chertanovo Severnoe, 1A, block 1


Russia, 117648, Moscow, md. Chertanovo Severnoe, 1A, block 1


Russian Federation


English, Russian

Two-Factor Authentication


Secured By SSL



Processing fee - Processing fee € 0.10 | Payment method fee - 4.50% for Travel, Ticketing, Retail, Transport, Digital Goods, Subscriptions - 6.50% for other industries.

Minimum deposit


Supported fiat currencies

Euro, Russian Ruble, United States Dollar

24/7 Online Support


Contact phone

8 800 707-77-59

Contact email
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Qiwi is an online payment system that was founded in Russia in 2007 to provide an easy way to pay for various transactions. Thanks to its origins, Qiwi has its headquarters in Moscow and is by far the most popular e-wallet in Russia. It can be used when paying for transactions such as purchases from merchants, bank loans, state payments, insurance expenses, utility bills, tickets, and online casinos. Apart from Russia, Qiwi is in use in countries such as Panama, Brazil, South Africa, China, and the US.


There must be a good reason for the ease with which Qiwi has transcended its Russian origins to gain acceptance in more than 20 countries across the world. The following are some of the features that have made Qiwi to be widely accepted across the globe:

1. Types of Accounts

It is possible to access the Qiwi services through their website or mobile device. To open your Qiwi account, all you need to do is go online and register. As soon as you are through with the registration process, you can then proceed and make your first deposit. If you are using the app, you need to first download it to your mobile device. After installation, you can register using your phone number. Whether you register online or via the app, you will have access to only one account using both methods. Depending on how you intend to use it, you could either have a personal or business account.

2. Types of Services

It should already be clear that Qiwi is an online payments method. However, it also serves as a very effective money transfer service as well as an e-wallet. Apart from merchants, online casinos and forex exchange depend on Qiwi as one of their main deposit and withdrawal methods. Thus, it is a trusted payment method that can be put to multiple uses.

3. Payment Methods

To top up your Qiwi account, you may use methods such as debit cards, credit cards, bank transfers, ATMs, phone stores, and Qiwi terminals. Withdrawals can be made via the Qiwi Visa Card, which is available in plastic form or virtual option. It supports currencies such as the US dollar, Great Britain Pound, Euro, and, of course, the Rubble.

4. Safety

There’s basically no reason to make you doubt Qiwi’s safety. It has put in place elaborate measures that involve the monitoring of each and every transaction made on the platform. Also, cardholders are required to make verifications using a code sent through SMS. Add to that Qiwi’s anti-fraud team and you have a relatively secure e-wallet.

5. Customer Support

Individuals looking to contact customer support can do so through email or a fill-in form on the website. Qiwi also provides a telephone number which clients can call 24/7. The website is available in English or Russian.


  • Simple and easy account opening process
  • Relatively safe and secure
  • Can be used to make a wide array of payments


  • Available in a limited number of countries
  • Supports only a few of the major fiat currencies
  • Doesn’t support cryptocurrencies


After a careful review of the features, advantages, and disadvantages of Qiwi, it is obvious that it is a great online payment service for those who reside in the countries where it is accepted, mainly because of being secure and easy to use.



Qiwi is a Russian online payment service provider. Its headquarters sits on Nicosia, Cyprus. It offers services to eight countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Belarus, Romania, United States, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, and Jordan.

Qiwi was founded in 2008.  Over the years, Qiwi gained many customers around the world. Payments from Qiwi are accepted by over 400,000 suppliers.

Qiwi's function is the same as any other wallet you can find online. Users will have to register before storing funds in the wallet. Deposits are made using credit cards and with Qiwi's terminal which works like an ATM.

Payments online are made with Qiwi without releasing sensitive information like credit card or bank account details.

Qiwi is particularly popular in Russia. You can't pay foreign casinos with traditional payment methods like bank transfers since the Russian government would block it.



•     Deposits and Withdrawals: To use Qiwi's wallet, you have to register first in its official website. The site is in Russian and there is no option to changes its language. If you don't understand the Russian language, you can use Google Translate.

You can add funds to your account by:

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Bank Transfers
  • Qiwi Wallet Payment Terminals

If you want your deposit to be processed immediately, choose Qiwi Wallet Payment Terminals.

Unfortunately, Qiwi is only available as a deposit option. Meaning, you can't withdraw from it.

If you're planning to use Qiwi on online casinos, you have no need to worry. Most of these casinos support other wallets like Skrill or Netteller (or bank cards like Visa, Maestro, and MasterCard) which you can use for withdrawal.

Payments to casinos are free. Deposits made to Qiwi are not. Qiwi collects transaction fees for every deposit made to the wallet.

•     Safety:  Qiwi is a trustworthy online payment solution. Online stores, stage organizations, and banks make use of Qiwi's services. Also, all payments are protected with SSL encryption. It is a type of standard security technology that establishes an encrypted link between servers and clients. Besides SSL encryption, all of Qiwi's transactions must be verified with SMS.



•     Useful for Russian players getting around transaction bans from the government

•     User-friendly interface

•     High-level security with SSL Encryption and SMS Verification

•     Availability of mobile app



•     No withdrawal option

•     High deposit fees



Its wide coverage and availability would lead Qiwi to top spots among popular payment systems for Russian-speaking users. With its functionality, mobile app, and user interface, Qiwi is a great tool to refill your funds on cryptocurrency exchanges.

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