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Moscow, Russia
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Avet Mnatsakanyan




Moscow, Russia


Moscow, Russia


Russian Federation


English, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish

Two-Factor Authentication


Secured By SSL


Minimum deposit

5, 000 WMR

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To work with cryptocurrencies, you need to prepare an amount in fiat currency first. You will have them exchanged for digital coins in some cryptocurrency exchanges. To use these digital currencies as payment, you need to have an online payment settlement system ready to implement this procedure. One of the most popular platforms is Webmoney.

Webmoney has a long history compared to similar platforms. It has existed for 20 years with 30 million registered users around the world. This number is growing due to the technical features of the platform.

The same with other wallets, you need to register. You will then be assigned an individual identification number.

In the world of cryptocurrency, you get used to the process of verification. In Webmoney, this is called a "certificate". There are several types of certificates and each of them provides an opportunity to access an extent of the platform's functionality.

There are various ways you can deposit to Webmoney: terminal, bank account, wire transfer, or cash. Each has different fees and conditions. Withdrawal also offers the same variability with individual conditions for each option.

Webmoney, with its very extensive network, allows payment for various services, purchases, and investments. Webmoney services are often used in the business environment.

One of the main features of Webmoney is its support of various fiat currencies. It expands the possibility of entering fiat money into the exchange. Not many exchanges, even those well-known, have this feature.

Webmoney is highly reliable due to its multi-level data protection. It also boasts of good customer support.

In general, Webmoney aims at the Russian speaking audience. It's not surprising that it enjoys a good demand among domestic traders working with cryptocurrency.



•     Accepts different types of fiat currency

•     Multiple options for deposit and withdrawals

•     High-level security



•     Absence of anonymity



Webmoney has managed to win a huge number of users around the world. Such popularity is well-deserved due to its extensive branched network, multiple options for withdrawal and deposit, and a positive reputation. However, each user chooses a payment system based on their specific requests and needs. This calls for careful analysis of the most popular sites and choosing an option that most fully meets your requirements.

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