Yandex Money

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2 Piskaryovskiy prospekt, 6 floor, building 2 , Russia
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Company Name

NBCO Yandex.Money LLC

Founder Name

Ivan Glazachev


Yandex Money


2 Piskaryovskiy prospekt, 6 floor, building 2, Russia


2 Piskaryovskiy prospekt, 6 floor, building 2 , Russia


Russian Federation


English, Russian

Two-Factor Authentication


Secured By SSL



3% of the transaction value.

Minimum deposit


Supported fiat currencies

Euro, Russian Ruble, United States Dollar

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Connection with our money everywhere has never been this convenient. With the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies, systems have risen to support more users. These cryptocurrencies are purchased with real money using online payment platforms. These platforms have been getting more attention with people, in connection to cryptocurrencies.

In our reviews, we will be going through the most significant payment systems in the world. Today, we will start with Yandex Money.

Yandex Money has been operating since 2002. As much as you can tell from the website, Yandex Money is a product of a popular Russian search engine. The platform primarily aims to serve Russian-speaking users. Yandex Money underwent significant changes, keeping up with the current demands of time. The platform went from a client program to a full system with a great user interface. This change provides users with innovative and convenient solutions.  It is now able to transact with well-known banking institutions.

Because Yandex Money is a product of Yandex service, registration in its email service or other Yandex services is a must to fully use its system. 

If you do not have a Yandex account, you can use social networks to authorize your account. For a more serious protection on your Yandex Money a.k.a. wallet, using a one-time password would do the trick. After registering your wallet, you can use its services. But do note that the functionality you'll be having is limited. If you want to know the full list of restrictions, you can visit their website.

To be able to use the wallet's feature to the fullest, you need to pass through identification and specifying personal details of your documents.

Deposit and Withdrawal:

You can use your bank card to transfer funds to your wallet. Transfers using other systems supported by Yandex is also possible.

Withdrawing funds is easy. Yandex. Money offers to issue your own card which you can use for withdrawal. You can also opt to transfer your funds from your wallet to your bank account and use your bank card to withdraw.

As one of the largest payment systems, Yandex Money has been ironing its security issues. This step makes this platform a reliable money storage and payment solution. Yandex. Money is supported by many Russian cryptocurrency exchange platforms like Exmo. If you're using Exmo, Yandex Money would be a great choice to transfer funds back and forth.



•     User-friendly interface

•     Good protection

•     Wide functionality



•     Limited choice of currencies

•     High commission when withdrawing funds



Yandex Money is one of the most well-known payment systems, especially for Russian-speaking users. This inspires a serious level of trust. That's why Yandex Money deserves attention when choosing a reliable payment platform to pair up with cryptocurrency exchanges.

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