Payment platforms

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Qiwi is an online payment system that was founded in Russia in 2007 to provide an easy way to pay for various transactions. Thanks to its origins, Qiwi has its headquarters in Moscow and is by far the most popular e-wallet in Russia. It can be used when paying...

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The world of cryptocurrency continues its expansion through the digital realm. More and more people are using them, not just because of their efficiency and anonymity, but also in their awakening power in the international economy.

As of now, Bitcoin is the...

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Google Pay


No one can deny the fact that we live in an era of rapidly developing digital technologies. Every year, new projects keep on appearing designed to make our daily lives easier. These projects are more commonly leaning towards the sphere of mobile devices....

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To work with cryptocurrencies, you need to prepare an amount in fiat currency first. You will have them exchanged for digital coins in some cryptocurrency exchanges. To use these digital currencies as payment, you need to have an online payment settlement...

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