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mycard2go Prepaid Visa Card

Card issuer

Wirecard Bank AG

Card type



Restrictions on maximum balance, Withdrawal limits




Both plastic and virtual version, Regulated issuer, Supports many countries

Virtual card




Contact phone

SOS Card Blocking / Card Loss : Phone: 00800/9473 22 70

Phone : +49 (0) 30 300 110 400 *

Contact email

List of Cost for Physical Card -

Maximum deposit

LIMITED(100 €) ULTIMATE(10.000 €) | Virtual Card Balance load limit - Maximum balance: 10, 000 euros.

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Mycard2go Prepaid Card is a euro visa card that is provided by Wirecard a bank which is licensed in Germany. The Prepaid Card provides clients with affordable annual fees; it has a monthly maximum deposit amount of ten thousand Euros and a yearly maximum deposit amount of thirty thousand Euros.

Mycard2go Prepaid Card Features 

Mycard2go Prepaid Card Cost 

Mycard2go Prepaid Card is sold to clients for an annual price of 9.95 Euros; this amount is charged yearly to ensure that clients continue to use the card. The prepaid card charges a transaction fee of one Euro for deposits using Sofort Banking and bank transfers. Also, cash deposits attract a 4 percent commission and withdrawals using ATMs attract a transaction fee of about five Euros.

Mycard2go Prepaid Card Activation And Upgrading

Once the card is acquired, users are required to activate it online or by sending an SMS to provide their phone number. The number is used to confirm the activation by receiving a text message with the PIN and password used to log into the website.

Mycard2go Prepaid Card requires users to upgrade the card for free in order to continue using it after depleting the initial deposit; upgrading the card requires users to provide their private information which is used in the verification process. 

Deposit Methods And Fees 

Mycard2go Prepaid Card provides clients with a variety of payment options to use in depositing funds; these include;

  • Cash deposits at several outlets such as gas stations; this method charges a 4 percent commission and funds are credited instantly.
  • Bank transfer is a funding method which charges a transaction fee of one euro; however, clients will have to wait up to three days for the deposited funds to be credited into the user’s account.
  • Sofort banking is another payment option available for Mycard2go Prepaid Card users; the method charges a transaction fee of one euro and requires users to submit their online banking information after which funds are transferred to mycard2go. The deposited amount is available for use instantly.

In addition, the card does not charge transaction charges for currency conversion when clients use foreign currencies to make deposits. 

Mycard2go Prepaid Card Platform

Mycard2go platform has a well-structured layout and a user-friendly interface; it is also supported on both mobile and desktop devices. Also, the site is accessible in both English and German languages.

Mycard2go Prepaid Card Client Support Services

Mycard2go provide customer support services to clients via a variety of methods; users can contact the support team through emails or telephone calls. Also, customer support services can be accessed by filling in a Contact Form available on the website; clients are required to provide details about the issue and wait for the support team contacts them to offer feedback to the queries. In addition, Mycard2go platform is accessible in English and German languages which allow the site to reach more clients and provide excellent client support services. 

Mycard2go Prepaid Card Pros

  • Mycard2go platform is accessible in English and German languages.
  • Mycard2go platform is accessible through both mobile and desktop devices.
  • Mycard2go prepaid card does not charge transaction fees for currency conversion.

Mycard2go Prepaid Card Cons

  • Client support services are not available via live chat.
  • Mycard2go prepaid card charges a transaction fee for depositing funds.
  • Mycard2go prepaid card has a maximum deposit requirement.


Mycard2go Prepaid Card is a visa card provides clients with affordable transaction fees; the prepaid card’s platform is accessible in English, and German languages and is available through both mobile and desktop devices. 

In addition, Mycard2go prepaid card does not charge transaction fees for currency conversion, provide customer support services to clients via a variety of methods, and also offer clients with a variety of payment options to use in depositing funds. Consider using the Mycard2go Prepaid Card in case you need an excellent payment method that offers quality services while charging reasonable transaction fees.


Modern technology has made is possible for us to easily shop online and offline. The Mycard2go prepaid card guarantees convenience and effectiveness when performing these transactions. This card is ready to use immediately after you get it. Seeing as it is a Visa branded card, its authenticity is guaranteed. Transactions made using this card do not attract any extra fees. In addition to that, there are no credit checks involved. Read on to discover more about it.



•     Card issuer name: This card is provided by Wirecard. It is a bank that is licensed in Germany. This financial institution is fully regulated. As such, clients using the Mycard2go prepaid card can rest assured that they are dealing with a legitimate card issuer.

•     Regulatory authority: The bank issuing this card is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It must abide by the Electronic Money Regulations (EMR) that are enforced by this organization. Furthermore, the bank is obliged to ring-fence card-holder deposits. This is so that they can be refunded in case the financial institution goes insolvent.

•     Versatility: The Mycard2go prepaid card is delivered in two forms. These are a plastic and a virtual card. The virtual version is ideal for online payments while the plastic one can be used at brick and mortar establishments. This provides its users with flexibility.

To get this card, you can simply make an order through one of their POS merchants. You do not need to fill in any application forms. Upon receiving the card, you can activate it through their online portal. This is achieved by providing your phone number or sending an SMS. Once it is active, you can top it up with a cash balance and begin making payments. This card can be used in more than 24 million ATMs and acceptance spots throughout the world.

•     Allowed countries: You can use this card in Germany with no limitations. It is also accepted in many other countries. The card will work effectively at any location where Visa is accepted. As such, its range of use is quite widespread.

•     Security features: The Mycard2go prepaid card is protected using high-tech security. It makes use of a combination of chip and PIN security. The PIN is unique to every user and is provided after activating the card. During activation, you are required to provide some personal information. This data is protected using 128 bit encryption. Hence, it cannot be hacked.

•     Restrictions: This card has some restrictions which may limit its use. Firstly, it accepts cash balances in Euros. This locks out people who would like to make direct top ups in currencies such as US Dollars or British Pounds. It also has limits on the maximum amount that you can top up per month using a bank transfer. This amount is set at 5,000 Euros.

The card has a limit on the maximum amount that you can withdraw. This is set at $2,500 Euros. The virtual Mycard2go prepaid card also attracts a monthly fee of 0.50 Euros. On the other hand, the physical plastic card has an annual fee of 9.95 Euros. If you use this card to make a withdrawal at the ATM, it attracts a fee of 4.95 Euros. For you to enjoy higher maximum balance transfers and a higher annual spending limit, it is necessary to upgrade from the standard version to the Ultimate card.



•     No registration is required so as to get this prepaid card

•     It is available in plastic and virtual forms

•     This card is allowed in many countries because it is Visa branded

•     The card's issuer is regulated

•     It is secure



•     It has numerous restrictions on the maximum balances and withdrawal amounts

•     Upgrading the card is required so as to enjoy its best features



The Mycard2go prepaid card enables you to make payments easily at no transaction fees. It is easy to acquire and affordable to maintain. Provided by a regulated bank, this prepaid card is your ideal shopping or traveling partner!

Pros & Cons
  • Both plastic and virtual version
  • Regulated issuer
  • Supports many countries
  • Restrictions on maximum balance
  • Withdrawal limits
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