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BTC Wallet


BTC Wallet is a cryptocurrency mobile wallet launched in 2014. It is compatible with Android and IOS allowing access with almost any mobile device. It supports both BTC and BCH. And it's very easy to use. However, privacy levels are rated as average...

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Bread Wallet


Bread Wallet was launched by a Swiss-based firm led by Aaron Voisine, who is now the current president. It is one of the easiest to use mobile wallets and is compatible with Bread, IOS, and Android.  The highly-modernized and simplified user interface...

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Holy Transaction is an online wallet version launched in 2014 by Francesco Simonetti, who is currently the CEO of the company which is based in Luxembourg. Holy Transaction is an easy-to-use type of online wallet where you can instantly exchange available...

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CoinJar wallet is a simple online platform that enables you to sell, buy, and spend USD, EUR, AUD, GBP, and bitcoin. Apart from bitcoin, it also supports sending of funds such as fiat. It has features such as CoinJar swipe and CoinJar Touch which allows...

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Today, let’s discuss the BitGo wallet. It is known as one of the most recommended ways to store your bitcoins by the official Bitcoin site. It may not be as well-known as other digital wallets, but it is still recognized in the market due to its high...

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Armory Wallet


In the field of cryptocurrency, you can't overstate the importance of wallets. The security of your cryptocurrency assets depends on the reliability of the storehouse.

Today, there are a lot of quality-proven wallets on the market that meet all of the...

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