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Bither Analysis

The Bither platform is a company of bitcoin and cryptocurrency storage portfolio available in different platforms, which aims to provide cold storage services for all those interested in the use of bitcoins. They have managed to design a mobile...

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Lykke Wallet

Lykke wallet is a cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform that was launched in the year 2015. The wallet is designed to allow people to trade in curries and digital assets securely. Lykke wallet is available for both iOS and Android. The wallet is a vital...

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Stellar Desktop


Stellar Desktop is a stationary client for the Stellar Coin (STR), which is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. It allows users to store encrypted keys locally on their computers, so they are as secure as their computer.

This is a client with...

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NEM Mobile Wallet


The NEM mobile wallet was created in 2014, an open source application that allows users to perform transactions and store NEM cryptocurrencies (XEM) via mobile devices with iOS and Android. As the mobile version of the NEM Nano wallet, it provides many...

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Electrum Cash Wallet

Electrum cash wallet has been in existence ever since Bitcoin emerged as the first cryptocurrency. It is not just a wallet where you store your Bitcoins but also a platform where trading in the cryptocurrency takes place. The platform exists in the form of...

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CoinCorner is a mobile wallet for Bitcoin, available on the market since 2014. The good thing with the interface is that it is easy to use. It is compatible with mobile devices that have Android, Windows, and iOS and allows access to all options via...

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