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You probably think it was made in China, right? No. It was not created in China. Chinacoin is a cryptocurrency that was derived from Litecoin. It utilizes scrypt as its proof-of-work scheme, which is password based. It is generated in 60 seconds block,...

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Ethereum is a platform whose blockchain’s focus is on running the codes necessary for programming any decentralized application. This platform is powered by Ether which is a blockchain-powered technology cryptocurrency. In the Ethereum blockchain,...

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Ethereum Classic


I know you might probably be confused because there is a digital currency named Ethereum, and now another - Ethereum Classic? Why do they share a common name? Are they really different from each other? Well, let’s see.

Ethereum Classic is a digital...

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Surely, anyone who has been surfing the Internet had stumbled upon the mascot of Dogecoin, which is the Japanese dog Shiba Inu covered in Comic Sans captions. Dogecoin was dubbed as one of the most interesting and unique cryptocurrencies out there....

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Overview is not a typical crypto-trading platform. Instead, it’s an institution that has a “Bitcoin Buying Platform Feature,” and focuses on selling several kinds of cryptocurrencies especially those leading cryptocurrency assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum,...

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Itbit is an exchange platform that approaches the legal side of issues related to similar platforms. Itbit is the first cryptocurrency exchange in the Bitcoin sector with an official license from New York.

Itbit managed to obtain legal rights to receive...

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