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Asterweg 19 C5, 1031 HL Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Cryptohopper BV

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Jun 30, 2017




Amsterdam, Netherlands


Asterweg 19 C5, 1031 HL Amsterdam, Netherlands


$19/MONTH; $49/MONTH; $99/MONTH




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Cryptohopper ( is a semi-automated trading bot that entered the crypto marketplace on YR2017 of July that owned and operated by “Cryptohopper BV” where located precisely at Asterweg 19 C5, 1031 HL Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The Cryptohopper semi-auto-trading-bot is employing technical based trading algorithms that are compatible with selected cryptocurrency exchanges. For the time being, the trading bot presently associated with nine separate cryptocurrency exchanges such as Poloniex, Kraken, Bittrex, GDAX or Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin, BITFINEX, CrypTopia, Huobi and there are more to follow like, e.g. HitBTC, Cobinhood, CEX.IO which currently awaiting to be available soon. Also, up to 75 cryptocurrencies supported by the trading bot depending upon on which subscription plan has purchased.

The platform works as a web-based solution and can utilize on any Internet-enabled devices such as a desktop/PC, mobile phone, and tablet. Cryptohopper team claims to implement a quality and professional external crypto-signals for most of their crypto trading auto-bots functionality. Also, it supports several trading methods and manageable trading parameters which the trader can quickly adapt their trading bots based on their performance reports and then create more effective trading outputs.

The service offers a trial period called a “Bunny trial” that lasts for 30-days. After the trial period, the user has to choose a payment plan which has excellent services and tools for cheap subscription fees. Each payment plan includes its benefits which grow the more you pay. Also, all subscriptions can be bought on a monthly basis or annually. The three-tier of subscription plan are: Bunny Adventure Hopper for $19 a month, Hare Advanced Hopper that cost $49 a Month and the full access subscription plan is Kangaroo Master Hopper for a cost of $99 a Month which has the benefits of high-priority customer service and more. Further discussion on subscription fees and features explained in detailed on “Subscription Type and Pricing” section.

According to SimiliarWeb, has experienced massive growth over the past three months and currently reflects a global rank of 35,224 with a US rank of 24,491 as of July 12th, 2018. Now, their platform supports more than 500,000 monthly visitors while roughly 38.7% of their traffic derives from US-based users. Also, there is some significant number of traffic coming from China, South Africa, Germany and the United Kingdom.



•    Excellent Trial Account: The service caters free 30-day trial account in which every potential user are guaranteed to be satisfied and enjoy the given period.

•    Reasonable and Cheap Subscription Fees: The subscription fee are low compared to other crypto bots which include quality information and useful trading tools.

•    Excellent User’s Feedbacks: The service gained positive reviews from their registered and active users through their official forum and review section, which create good results in their online marketing.

•    User-Friendly: The platform is easy to set up and simple to understand. The step-by-step tutorials also provided.

•    Advanced Crypto-Signal Services: The platform offers external signals which professionally integrated for a regular purchase of cryptocurrencies.

•    Interactive Private-Crypto-Community: The service caters an online private channel community that dedicated to all members which composed of professionals, crypto-enthusiast, and expert on the space of trading where all the members have the privilege of learning, interacting and sharing ideas.

•    Multiple trading strategies and support several crypto-exchange: The platform provides several advance trading schemes and fully-supports numerous crypto-exchange such as Poloniex, Kraken, Bittrex, GDAX or Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin, BITFINEX, CrypTopia, Huobi and there are more to follow like, e.g. HitBTC, Cobinhood, CEX.IO, etc.

•    Supports Numerous Coins: Almost any coins in the market supported by the platform, roughly over 75 currencies currently accepted; however, the number of them that the crypto-traders can trade depend on the pricing plan they subscribe.

•    Backtesting Feature: The platform is capable of doing a “backtesting scheme” or tries each strategy per a coin to see whether it would give any returns or none.



•    System Bugs Reported: The platform or the service received feedback from their users for a few system bugs (nothing serious though).

•    Dedicated to support only on the affiliated Crypto-Exchange: The platform currently supports only the allied crypto-exchange such as Poloniex, Kraken, Bittrex, GDAX or Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin, BITFINEX, CrypTopia, and Huobi in which the crypto-traders are required to link their active account from one of the associated crypto-exchange before they can avail the service they subscribe.


How Cryptohopper Works:

Getting started with the services and acquires the privilege of having a lucrative passive income through the use of semi-automated trading bot that offers by The procedure is simple that only requires minimum time. Not unless the potential user will embark with the trial account (Free trial) which last for 30 days. The user will need to select and pay from one of the subscription plans via online. Once the payment completed and the Cryptohopper account is validated/confirmed then the user will need to sync their newly activated account to one of their supported crypto-exchange. In this case, the user/crypto-trader will need to have an account with Poloniex, Kraken, Bittrex, GDAX or Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin, BITFINEX, CrypTopia, Huobi and there are more to follow like, e.g. HitBTC, Cobinhood, CEX.IO, etc. Once completed the installation and linking process, the user will have the full access and control over the Cryptohopper trading bot.

From there, the user will able to log in on their “Hopper dashboard” through any internet enabled and supported devices where the user will be able to access the performance reports, manipulate trading settings, trading positions, selecting trading concepts along with determining trading conditions. Also, it comes with some other excellent resources as well, including an educational section where the user can get useful tips, learn trading, and about terms, with videos available for user-friendly instructions.

The “trading conditions” are controlled by the user includes the “fixed amount inputted” for each investment, configuring the setting for “stop loss” if desired and incorporating an “auto-sell feature” if a predetermined returns target has reached.

Also, the investors trading portfolio is accessible through the “Hopper’s dashboard” where the user can efficiently analyze the comprehensive reports from the signalers. Also, crypto-traders granted access to all their supported cryptocurrencies price history and investment statistic.


Subscription Type and Pricing:

One of the features that usually attract most of the traders, investors, and potential users is the FREE trial period that will last for 30 days with no-string attached; No payment details or any service required to enroll with their free trial account whereas their subscription plans are quite affordable in exchanges of quality crypto-information and useful tools. Below is the list of subscription packages that offer abundant and advanced features, please have a look.

•    Bunny (Adventure Hopper)

      - $19 Per Month

      - 80 Positions Supported

      - 24/7 Cloud Trading Bot

      - Optimal Customer Support

      - 10 Minute Buying Intervals

      - 15 Cryptocurrencies Supported

•    Hare (Advanced Hopper)

      - $49 Per Month

      - 24/7 Cloud Trading Bot

      - 200 Positions Supported

      -  5 Minute Buying Intervals

      -  Extended Customer Support

      -  50 Cryptocurrencies Supported

•    Kangaroo (Master Hopper)

      - $99 Per Month

      - Arbitrage Trading

      - 24/7 Cloud Trading Bot

      - 500 Positions Supported

      - 2 Minute Buying Intervals

      - Superior Customer Support

      - 75 Cryptocurrencies Supported

If none of Cryptohopper’s available trading packages matches the trader’s needs, it advised and encouraged to contact [email protected] for a tailored solution.


Privacy, Network and Security:

The Privacy Policy oversees the manner in which Cryptohopper collects, uses, maintains and discloses information collected from all users and applies to the Site and all products and services offered by Cryptohopper.

The services adopted appropriate data collection, processing practices, storage and security measures to ensure the safeguard of all user’s confidential information and the entire system against from unauthorized access, sudden changes, disclosure or destruction of the user’s personal information, credentials (UserName & Password), transaction history and data stored on web-browser (cookies).

The platform also uses SSL for a secured communication channel and encrypt all data exchanges between the site and its users; also it uses digital signatures for additional security. For more details about the privacy policy, network and security; please visit Cryptohopper’s official site via this link:

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