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Xapo is an intuitive and secure Bitcoin wallet system that operates through a browser. Xapo uses offline servers that are never connected to the internet that give it an edge on other web based wallet systems - i.e. better security through gateway procedures

Hong Kong & US Office 2983 Woodside Rd Woodside, CA 94062 USA

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You could have come across the Xapo Wallet and you have been wondering about it for quite some time. You could as well be that person who is keen on investing in bitcoins but you are yet to settle on a specific digital currency. In this article, I will cover all the details you need to know about the Xapo Wallet and furnish you with the necessary information needed to make that critical decision you have been grappling with.

So what is the Xapo Wallet?

Xapo Wallet is one of the leading bitcoin wallet and vault in the world. The company behind this intuitive bitcoin wallet is Xapo, an American Company with subsidiaries in different countries such as Hong Kong and Switzerland. The company has its headquarters in Switzerland and has been approved by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority to operate within the country. The company has also received approval from Gibraltar and is also seeking further approval from different European countries.

 According to its C.E.O, Mr. Casares, the main reason for founding this company was to create a more secure and accessible digital currency. The company has heavily invested in a vault to further secure the bitcoin.



Xapo has several appealing features which have made it stand out among other bitcoin wallets in the world. Some of its outstanding features are listed below.

•     Xapo Vault: This is a secure storage which consists of highly-protected servers for storing the bitcoins.

•     Xapo Wallet: This feature enables users to easily store different fiat currencies and at the same time transfer funds to and from the Xapo vault. The users can access this Xapo wallet either by the use of the Xapo mobile app or through the normal browser.

•     Xapo Debit Card: This debit card is linked to the Xapo wallet and functions as a normal debit card. The only difference is that this Xapo debit card is backed by bitcoins and not the fiat currency. It is also good to note that this Xapo debit card is only available in certain countries.

•     Bitcoin broker: You can easily trade bitcoins on Xapo. The company offers a wide array of currencies to choose from when buying the bitcoins. The currency options available usually depend on the country you reside in.



Xapo cryptocurrency comes with a wide array of advantages. Below are the major benefits of Xapo bitcoin.

•     Security: With the advancement of technology, security, especially for online data and digital currency, has become a major challenge. Xapo solved this problem by creating an intuitive vault to securely store the bitcoins. Added to this, Xapo offers this storage service free of charge for its users.

•     Convenience: With the development of the Xapo wallet and debit card, users can now conveniently purchase items from different stalls which accept the debit card. This allows you to easily spend your bitcoins.

•     Insured bitcoins: It is interesting to learn that Xapo has taken a step further and collaborated with Meridian Global to insure its vault against unexpected losses. Thus you need not worry much about the loss of your bitcoins as long as the loss of the bitcoins did not occur due to a security breach from your end.

•     Excellent customer support: It is normal to sometimes get stuck when executing an online process. With an excellent customer support, one finds it easy to navigate through the system and the issues raised properly addressed. Xapo has that customer support which will always be there to address your issues and help you out whenever you are stuck.

•     Beginner-friendliness: Xapo system is easy to understand and it does not take much time to master most of the features provided by the system. The friendly user interface will quickly help you to navigate and perform most of the operations with no much effort.



•     The fee to acquire the Xapo debit card: Xapo charges a fee to issue out a debit card. Though the fee is not much compared to the benefits a user will enjoy once issued with a debit card, some users still feel that this is unfair.

•     Relatively Very Strict sign-up procedures: Apart from the fee charged to acquire the Xapo debit card the other disadvantage which I can associate with Xapo is the strict sign-up process. If the information which you provide during sign up does not match, then your application will most likely be denied. From a superficial perspective, this could be seen as a disadvantage but when keenly examined it is a worthy step to take to avoid malicious users signing into the system.



To wrap up the information above, I can say that Xapo is an intuitive company which puts security at the forefront. It is, therefore, an ultimate stop for anybody who would wish to acquire a bitcoin wallet and secure their online transactions. If you are yet to sign up for this awesome service, I encourage you to do it today and join the myriad of users who are benefiting from the system.

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